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Medicaid Waiver Services in Woodbridge, VA

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Virginia’s Medicaid Waivers have made it possible for individuals of all ages with disabilities to receive a wide range of services in their homes and communities, rather than in nursing homes or large facilities. Our top Medicaid Waiver Services in Woodbridge VA are dedicated to helping you navigate through this process and obtain the care you need. Keep in mind, the financial Medicaid requirements are based on the individual’s income, not the family’s.

The initiation for the enrollment into the EDCD waiver can originate from four sources: Acute Care Hospitals, Nursing Facilities, the Local Department of Social Services (LDSS), or the Local Health Department (LHD) where the individual resides. All individuals must be Medicaid eligible, and their eligibility is determined via a Virginia Universal Assessment Instrument (UAI) completed by their local preadmission screening team.




Light Housekeeping


Meal Preparation


Standy-by assist with ambulation

Medication Reminder


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Being part of the EDCD Medicaid Waiver Program in Woodbridge can offer many potential benefits. Beyond the waiver services, individuals may also be eligible for other supportive Virginia Medicaid services like ID, DD, and MR Waiver services. To learn more about these possibilities, the individual or their legal guardian should contact their local Department of Social Services. Our professional team at Assured Health Home Care, Inc. is ready to assist you with any queries you might have about the Medicaid Waiver Home Care enrollment process. We are committed to making home care accessible for all in need, right here in Woodbridge VA.